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Precision Round:                 Precision Italics:


HandStamped UpperCase:      Hand Stamped Lower Case:


What is the difference between hand stamped and precision stamped?

Hand stamping is achieved with the use of a hammer, stamping each letter, one letter at a time. It creates impressions in the metal and gives a hand made, rustic look, it isn't always perfectly aligned. Upper or lower case is available, we use a 1.5mm font size on all our pieces for hand stamping. Precision stamping uses technology which also results in a groove/impression in the metal. With the use of technology however, it results in a slightly more symmetrical/aligned finish. It also enables us to fit a few more characters on each piece if required, and to offer various fonts and graphics.  We currently offer the following stamping options (see samples of each). Each of the fonts are of course available in both upper and lower case.

Gallery:  From the left in the photo below: precision italics, precision round, precision italics, precision round, precision round upper case, precision italics (extreme right).


You can choose to have your letters/numbers darkened or not. All of the pictures above have the letters darkened. If you look through the gallery, there are examples of both for you to see. The darkening of the letters makes the stamping stand out better, easier to read. Some people however prefer the stamping to be a little more subtle so choose to have it undarkened. Here are some examples for you.

Darkened (precision stamping):           Darkened (hand stamping):


Undarkened (precision stamping):      Undarkened (hand stamping)



Chain Options:

Link Chain:

You receive a complimentary 40cm link chain with most purchases. If you would prefer this chain in another length, it is also available in 45cm and 50cm. Please make your chain choice when you are specifying your order details. The additional charge is an incremental upgrade charge (not for an additional chain).


Ball Chain:

Our sterling silver ball chains are also very popular. If you would prefer this style, please select your option when you are specifying your order. They are available in 42.5cm, 50cm and 70cm.


Curb Link Chain:

We also have a 45cm and 50cm curb link chain available for our customers to choose.


Chain Lengths